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April 24th, 2017

12:10 pm on April 24th - Where am I at

The house is back to normal, non Passover mode, as of late afternoon Sunday.

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February 18th, 2017

10:51 pm on February 18th - Barbarella

Barbarella, ah, barbarella ....

Just saw it, for the first time, at long last.

I laughed so hard!

But really it's not a bad movie: it had a premise (and a plot) and it sticks to it! Oh, and so many superbly ridiculous setups. And the name of the composition he plays on the "Excessive Machine" --- o, perfect!

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November 6th, 2016

11:51 pm on November 6th - This weekend
Light hang for theater at first, including pick up from Storage with Hobbit.
I managed to get the freight elevator locked shut empty (oops), but with Hobbit's strong hands to pull on the gappy doors, I was also able to fix that.

Light hang (and put in in general) was fun, went smoothly, and was well organized. Also well fed. Shouldn't have been surprised by any of that.

I now actually do want to see the show, and might even be bringing my mom.

Met Nathan, Hatim, Brian, Sarah, Alex, re-met "Duub".

Retrieved bike from Alewife bike cage. Along the way to doing that, had weird interaction with a tall white collegiate looking guy, who responded to me when I muttered "that's probably not the effective way to solve your problem" at a loose trio of college-looking folks (himself included) standing on the street corner while one of their number screamed at their friend to cross back over. Admittedly, this was rude of me. I found the screaming annoying (and since it wasn't *working*, unjustifiable), but I should have either just kept on my way (which would have quickly taken me out of earshot, since the screamer had negligible lung power), or else fully stopped and actually talked to them (to try and help). The tall guy called my muttering bluff, asking me what I would do better. Then, after I replied, he asked me where I went to school, what my highest degree was. This was asked in a politely-challenging manner. Like these educational qualifications are relevant to a question of public comportment and/or human motivation! That felt very strange. Meanwhile, the others had abandoned their deliberately(?)-wandering friend and turned from the corner. Any way, strange. And I would have thought they were all acting drunk, except that it was 6pm!

Brunch with Erica and Ben, plus Joel and Renee, and Justin, and Jonathon and myself. After three failed tries, we ate at Tatte Bakery on 3rd st.

Then, Jonathon went home and I continued on to a second birthday party for Leo. There were wooden Brio-like trains to decorate, which was almost as exciting as seeing the various friends there. Apparently I had pent up crafty-ness.

Stopped at Dorie and Joe's on the way home, then grocery store, then lots of cooking. I'm attempting to make up for not having had any edible foods in the house for like weeks.

Roasted acorn squash; mustard roasted brussel sprouts; double batch Hungarian mushroom soup; vegetable and noodle casserole; roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad.
Plus last night, a bunch of quesadillas and a batch of shakshuka.

Now I just have to remember that I like this stuff, when it's time to pack a lunch.

I'm proud to have made so many edible things.

After all that, assisted Jonathon to replace the bad dimmer, so our kitchen lights can work again.

Also played several rounds of Ticket To Ride on my phone (my ongoing addiction).

Did not do any reading for my Meah Select Muslims-and-Jews class, or my Japanese class, or office book club. Maybe tomorrow night.

Bed time

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October 31st, 2016

07:02 am on October 31st - ... Hi

So, LJ, hi again.

It's been a long time. Actually, I was effectively "locked out" from livejournal for... several... months, due to changed password requirements, repeated delay, and a spam filter.

Now I'm back --- on the last day possible before I lose access to that recovery email --- and I'm feeling oddly shy.

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June 4th, 2016

01:09 pm on June 4th - Shabbat morning
Peri-b'nai-mitzvah services went well. Pretty good turnout, although heavily weighed to the pre- group. Two post-bat mitzvah : E. and T., plus M the older brother of a pre-bat mitz.

Good post event feedback, even from the youth. (Spontaneous from adults, elicited from the youth, but apparently sincere in both cases.) General interest in doing this again, including kids agreed yes they would if asked. Of course, these are the self selected who attended.

Especially pleased by how well timed the two places when I did narration during "set changes" worked out.

Songs still in my head.

Now bagel brunch with family!


May 8th, 2016

08:27 am on May 8th - Good job, us
Went to home depot yesterday with Jonathon. We got a sturdy new shelf to hold the expanded set of Passover boxes. We got new double light switch, to replace the one in the third floor bathroom, which was weirdly popping out in the middle between the two half-sized "decora" flat rockers. (I was never sure if it was dangerous or just unaesthetic. I'm looking forward to not having to care :-) .). And thanks to Jonathon's timely brainwave, we picked out a timer switch to install in our bathroom to control the ventilation fan. I think that will be a nifty upgrade to the user experience. ;-) Plus a few little other stuff (like Sharpies) that of course required traversing the warehouse sized store back and forth repeatedly, because you're always at the wrong end...


April 15th, 2016

12:01 am on April 15th - I've been listening to vorkosigan series
I've been listening to Bujold's vorkosigan series as audio books. I've read a few here and there, but never in any particular order. I recently discovered that a very nice set of recorded audio book versions are available from the library in an app called Hoopla. I decided to listen to them, all of them, start to finish.

I'm a few hours into Captain Vorpatril's Alliance now. Thought I might pause to set down some thoughts.

I'm enjoying it, but not as much as I did the earlier installments. I was eager to observe the Ivan character from his own point of view. But so far it's felt kinda "stock". It's oddly _external_ still. Hasn't helped me understand how Ivan thinks of Ivan.

Also the tropes are starting to feel a bit repetitious.

We're at the point where the reader (and other characters) are aware of feelings that Ivan is denying. I'm finding this boring and repetitive, instead of amusing. Wasn't so long ago that Komarr / A Civil Campaign tread the same ground.

And the impulsively save some poor soul by tying them to your imperial-relative-protection racket is a retread of Miles doing the same thing with sworn-liegeman status, against slightly different problems.

I'm hoping for a twist such as the title character choosing to LEAVE his homeworld and follow the off worlder. It was Miles who had the indelible home-loyalty/patriotism that drove narrative tension as his romantic interests repeatedly had no interest in his home. And yes, that's undeniably part of his character. But I suspect Ivan's emotional approach could be quite different, in-character. The things that are sticking points for him should be different!

I said the story is "external". Maybe it will pick up (I'm not very far in yet). So far, it seems like the writer can't decide if Ivan or Teigh is the point of view character. But if it's going to be Teigh, I'm disappointed that her big make-decisions odessey (the flight from Jackson's Whole) is all backstory. In a Miles book (and the Cordelia book, too), I expect to ride along and watch it unfold unexpectedly. But instead, it's already done history, just being revealed piecemeal.

And in contrast, the love story aspect appears to be unfolding NOT unexpectedly. Only the protagonists are surprised, not the guessing-ahead reader. This is irony, not suspense.

Well, some suspense will surely come in, later. There's lots more to go.

All that aside, I have been enjoying the series. I even found Ethan Of Athos to be a catchy story, when encountered in the matrix of the other tales. Quinn!

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March 31st, 2016

12:43 am on March 31st - I've never seen that before
My friend Jeremy is getting ordained this weekend. This evening I got the unique chance to listen in (and even help a little) as he reviewed the Hebrew translation with an Israeli member of his beit din team. It was really neat.

Also, I very much enjoyed making her acquaintance: Rabbi Mira Raz.


March 30th, 2016

01:12 am on March 30th - Cool thing I learned today
In Japanese, the particle "wo" is generally used for direct-object type stuff. But it's also used to mark the origin of motion AND to mark the origin when expanding from small to large space. The latter is true both literally and metaphorically. So, for instance, one "graduates wo university" because the self-contained world of the school is metaphorically smaller than the "real world" outside/after it.

Mind is kinda blown!

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March 26th, 2016

11:32 pm on March 26th - Feeling good about what I've done today
Caught up on some sleep.

Didn't laze in bed overlong like a lump, which results in paradoxical reduction in energy. Did spend some time waiting outside, that I might have unthinkingly passed indoors. Outside was a better choice.

Made good on plans to meet up with a friend for lunch. We walked to Zhu and built ourselves a tapas-style repast from the appetizer menu. Clever us.

Found a fun skirt at ArtWear. In the fitting room, I held in balance both my negative body judgement and the countervailing sense that I "had to" get it "anyway". I made the wise decision not to buy it, and I'm glad I went ahead and tried it on.

Emptied the dishwasher. Always fun.

Sewed stuff that's been waiting for months: reattached a strap to a shoulder bag; deepened the pocket on my pants; darned a delicate net-work top and the fabulous black lace stockings (which I've tried and failed to replace); laboriously reattached a fastener on some brown pants; and found a replacement button for some relatively new jeans. I appreciated my foresight to have included a note with the jeans, indicating what repair was needed.

If the pocket enlargement works as well as I think it will, I'll give the same treatment to more pants.

Had a cosy dinner with Jonathon, while we watched the end of The Devil Wears Prada on the tv. He made pasta with sauce for us. I'm glad that I thought to scrounge in the fridge, to add a side of green veggies, and that I did this early enough to be timely for the meal.

The movie adaptation made a small change to the ending, which changed the moral from "you have more choices than you may think" to "be brave and kind, because good choices are rewarded, even unexpectedly". I find the former a more interesting moral. And useful for myself to reflect on.

Went up to bed, before midnight. (That is, I'm *going* up momentarily. Good night!)

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